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Rapid personalised treatment

As experienced clinicians, we understand how to get it right first time.
Windsor Bowel Clinic Consultants


Windsor Bowel Clinic is a professional group of highly skilled consultants specialising in general and colorectal surgery. Our patients receive fast, accurate diagnosis and the latest treatments for a wide range of abdominal conditions, from common digestive disorders to hernias and colorectal cancer.



  • You will receive excellence in medical care from your diagnosis to treatment and aftercare.
  • We have the experience in outpatient assessment, diagnostics and surgical treatments and we will take care of you throughout your patient journey.
  • Our team’s knowledge and understanding are key to achieving optimum patient outcomes.
  • We provide a comprehensive service. As a group, we have wide expertise in all areas of general, colorectal and hernia treatment. Thus, providing the best possible management of your condition.
  • You will benefit from prompt, accurate diagnosis using advanced techniques.
  • We place a high focus on early diagnosis to assist with the success of treatment.
  • Endoscopy and surgery are carried out using state-of-the-art equipment.
  • Our aim is to offer the highest standard of service to our patients.
  • You can feel reassured that our treatments are evidence-based.
  • Treatment methods are supported by objective, scientific data that proves they are effective.
  • Your comfort and recovery are enhanced by using minimally-invasive techniques.
  • All our patients are closely monitored and we are always available 24/7.
  • We will maintain continuity of care and you will see the same consultant throughout your treatment.
  • We work within a robust governance structure to deliver results and high quality, safe patient care.



Windsor Bowel Clinic strives to deliver:

EFFECTIVE TREATMENT. Rapid access to highly skilled consultants with the knowledge to select the most appropriate investigations and make an accurate diagnosis.

PATIENT CHOICE. We offer you a choice of appointment time and location. Choice from a range of investigation and treatment options with full explanation, support and guidance.

EXPERT OPINION. A well balanced opinion that comes from an experienced group of professional and friendly consultants that have worked together for many years.

SUCCESSFUL OUTCOMES. We will recommend the right treatment for you. We have the ability to deliver the best in the latest medical treatment and minimally invasive surgery.

HIGH QUALITY SERVICE. Our group of specialists have a robust governance structure and independent quality assurance.

SAFE AND DEPENDABLE CARE. You will see the same consultant at each visit whilst having the benefit of being looked after by a multidisciplinary team.

Giving your health the priority it deserves

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